Zsolt Siklodi website consultant & digital marketer

Zsolt Siklodi is a website consultant, digital marketer and photographer. He graduated from the College of Szolnok as an economist. Soon he realised that his passion lies in photography and marketing − traits that have run in the family for generations.

He founded Web4YOU in 2007 and completed various assignments around the world with many satisfied clients.

As much as he likes his iMac and IT gadgets, he spends as much time in nature as he can, which serves as a source of inspiration and relaxation.

He is enthusiastic about many sports including swimming, kayaking, climbing, go-kart racing, basketball, mountain-biking and travelling, as well as learning new languages and meeting new cultures.

"Zsolt Siklodi is a man of integrity and character who never settles for the status quo. He is a focused and highly motivated individual who is not afraid to dream big and fight to achieve those dreams every day." - Mr. Rudolf Hever (Executive Director) - Alternaty

Zsolt is forever open to new challenges and is always interested in new projects throughout the world.